DIY Film Screenings: Organizations & Curators

Barring an acquisitions deal – rare, especially for low-budget independent films – many people had little idea how to get their film seen theatrically. This issue of distribution we think is easily resolved by taking control of your theatrical release, yourself. How, you ask? It can be done – simply – by contacting small film organizations or theaters and asking to have your film screened. Sometimes you can even arrange a revenue split at the box office- like we do for Cinema Speakeasy.

We’ve compiled a quick list of groups worldwide that curate and/or host ongoing four-wall independent film screenings, above and beyond Cinema Speakeasy:

Europe: England

Europe: Germany

United States: West

United States: Midwest & South

United States: Northeast

Worldwide: Other

There are so many more– will keep adding them as they come up, or throw them in the comments as a suggestion.

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13 thoughts on “DIY Film Screenings: Organizations & Curators”

  1. Wow ! This is just gold ! I was looking for so long for such a list, it’s just amazing to get it finally.
    Great job and thanks for all your valuable advices.

  2. I have some:

    The Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston, MA) –
    This is an art gallery with an enormous theater and screen with surround sound speakers. The projection booth can accommodate a lot of different formats—film, tape, and digital. They also have a video studio that they run programs out of as well so they’re very technically competent.

    ImprovBoston (Boston, MA) –
    This is mainly a stage theater, so the space is small and the set-up isn’t very high-tech, but they’re open to pretty much anybody.

    I work with both of these venues a lot. Tell ‘em I sent ya!

  3. Slight correction to above: Despite the name, ImprovBoston is technically in Cambridge, MA.

    Oh, and how could I forget these:

    The Brattle Theatre (Cambridge, MA) – Been around since 1953. It’s pretty much *the* indie theater in Boston—they host everything from the “Do It Your Damn Self!” teen film festival to the Boston Society of Film Critics Awards. The seating is small and unelevated but it’s a good venue to be in.

    Kendall Square Cinema (Cambridge, MA) –

    Somerville Theatre (Somerville, MA) –

  4. Great list! In Chile there’s a great big theater for indie film called Cine Arte Alameda in Santiago, Chile( There great people and they support indie films from all over the world.

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