‘There’s No There, There: LA Films LA’
: LA, Nov. 16

CS + Big City Forum present ‘There’s No There, There: LA Films LA’

Weds. November 16, 7:00-9:00 PM, Goethe-Institut
Admission Free

Big City Forum & Cinema Speakeasy present an evening of short films that examine what LA means to those that inhabit it, in a program and discussion about our public urban identity. We will be screening pieces that capture the complexity and reality of living in our de-centralized – yet mythical – metropolis.

Before you moved here, and you thought of Los Angeles, what came to mind? Hollywood? Getty Center? Strip malls and traffic? Urban sprawl? Hardened cops? Gang warfare? Chicks in bikinis filing their nails under towering palm trees?

LA is the constantly shifting metropolis constructed entirely for mass consumption by fantastical and fevered minds with nary a glance at the rich complexity roiling beneath its shimmering skin. From gritty downtown cop dramas to technicolor Hollywood fantasies, it has been omnipresent in American celluloid, but rarely truly captured. It is, in short, the most filmed yet least understood megalopolis in modern American history. 

Filmmakers will be on hand for a post-screening discussion about their sense of place, moderated by Saskia Wilson-Brown and Big City Forum.


Part 1: LA Isn’t a Real City, It Just Plays One on Camera (Observations)
‘I Hate LA’ by Suzy Barrett (TRT 2.5 min)
‘Los Angeles: A Love Poem’ by Dylan King (TRT 2.25 min)
‘Not West of Western’ by Clay Dean (TRT 13.5 min)

Part 2: Interlude (Moments)
‘Javelin @ Bob Baker Marionette Theatre’ by Alex Pelly, Dublab (TRT. 10 min)
‘Mall Mania’ by Joel Fletcher (TRT 4.5 min)
‘Intolerance’ by Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo (TRT 2.25 min)

Part 3: A Manufactured Narrative (Stories)
‘Untitled (Perlman Place)’ by Vera Brunner-Sung (TRT 1 min)
‘Dos, Por Favor’ by Fabian Euresti (TRT 15 min)
‘The Worm, Episode 10′ by Austin Young (TRT 10 min)

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