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New Breed // Write-up on CS

Click here to check out the article Zak Forsman posted on New Breed (on Lance Weiler’s Workbook Project) about Cinema Speakeasy, curation, and independent media.

“I wanted to show – then – that DIY distribution is actually not so scary, once its broken down into smaller components. I conceived of this series to prove that the audience-led model of theatrical film exhibition at least is a feasible way to get your film shown. I also wanted to help independent filmmakers find ways to sustain (albeit in a small way) by helping raise funds for them through these screenings, while still keeping them accessible to people on small budgets.”

We’re most indebted for the opportunity to express our intentionality.

Filmmaker Mag Tweets Cinema Speakeasy

Thanks to Filmmaker Mag!Ahhh… the digital life….

Without the slightest sense of irony, we’re tickled pink to report that our favorite independent film publication, Filmmaker Magazine, has given us a Twitter endorsement. Apparently we’re part of a small group of people ‘who know what’s next’, and that is rad.

Seriously, stop snickering: This makes us feel very good. Twitter is the new broadsheet, dontcha know.