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Short Film Workshop: Los Angeles, Sep 7th

Tuesday, September 7th
Come at 7:45PM, films start at 8PM
Echo Park Film Center (
1200 N Alvarado St.)
As always: $5 and something to drink & share

Back in film school we always feared the critiques. Typically, everyone would sit around debating the failings of our work, ripping it — and our egos — to shreds. But, like anything totally unpleasant (except perhaps death), it ultimately made us better artists.

Cinema Speakeasy invites you to come and relive your most spleen-inducing moments in college with a good old-fashioned film critique – but this time it’s not YOUR ego on the line.

Our aptly titled ‘Short Film Workshop’ pits you, the audience, in support of intrepid short filmmakers. Only rules: Be constructive, be cool and help them make their work even better.


Short film in (almost) final form: We will be discussing sound editing, and providing general feedback.
Producer/Director: Bradley Miles
DP: Matt Garrett

Synopsis: Balletomane is the first film by LA-based Bradley Miles and his small but talented team. Using evocative images and music, Balletomane takes a surreal, lyrical look at an interview between a ballerina and a dance journalist.


SIZZLEAN (13:33 mins)
Short to be turned into feature: We will be discussing the feature development process.
Writer/Director: Scott Keiner
Producer: Chris Stinson
Co-Producer: Daniela Roth

Synopsis (for short): In a time when the world is emptied out, and only a few lost souls remain, a group of children sets out on a quest. Led by the Sizzlean, and the Captain who tells him what to dream, the children are on a quest most hope never to face.  These children are orphans, and they have set out to find their family. When the orphans find a strange man living in a tunnel, they discover that the end of their quest may be closer than they think.

Synopsis/Logline (for feature): In a dark, fairy tale world, a tribe of orphans, led by a boy named Sizzlean, sets out on quest to find their long-lost parents, the tribe is threatened when a runaway girl stumbles into their camp pursued by a dark past and threatening forces.


CEASE & DESIST (17 mins)
Short film in mostly final form. We will be providing general feedback.
Director: John Carluccio

Synopsis: Branding, addiction, sneaker culture and legal infringement are explored when artist/designer Ari Saal Forman mash-ups the lively Newport cigarette brand into a cool Nike-like sneaker. An “alive with pleasure” moment that “legally never happened”, is presented with before and after accounts.