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Shorts, with One Hundred Mornings: Los Angeles, Sep 16-22

Cinema Speakeasy is partnering up with Slamdance Film Festival, CineFist, The WorkBook Project and the Downtown Independent to collaboratively curate a shorts program and a program of panels in conjunction with the theatrical run of Irish film (WorkBook Project Discovery and Distribution Award winner and Slamdance favorite) ‘One Hundred Mornings‘.

Downtown Independent Theatre
251 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-1033

Tickets available now: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/producerevent/124646


**Shorts play nightly at 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM, unless otherwise specified.

Thu 16 Sep
Opening night for One Hundred Mornings: No Short

Fri 17 Sep: CineFist presents
Dir. by Jack Daniel Stanley (in attendance)
TRT 8.5 min.
Synopsis: Haunted by visions of murder and a macabre woodland burial, a man with a troubled marriage must distinguish reality from hallucination in this thrilling Hitchcock/Poe homage.

Sat 18 Sep: Cinema Speakeasy presents
Kitty Kitty
Dir. by Michael Medaglia (in attendance)
TRT 11 min.
Synopsis: Val’s boyfriend has been acting strange lately. She knows he is changing, but into what? A short film about love, romance, and brain parasites.

Sun 19 Sep: Slamdance & Cal Arts present
Dos, Por Favor
Dir. by Fabian Euresti (in attendance)
TRT 11 min.
Synopsis: A man gets out of prison and arrives at an impasse in life. Before he can move forward, he must re-examine his past. ‘Dos, Por Favor’ examines the choices one makes in life, by questioning whether one has a choice at all.

Mon 20 Sep: Downtown Independent presents
Look Not at the Mountains
Dir. by the Younesi Brothers (in attendance)
TRT 18 min.
Synopsis: In 1904, a team of hunters are led through the deserts of Africa by a mad Colonialist zealot.

Tue 21 Sep: Slamdance & Cinema Speakeasy present
Some of an Equation
Dir. by Burke Roberts (in attendance)
TRT 7 min.
Synopsis: A film in one continuous shot exploring just how very bad things can go in only a few minutes.

Wed 22 Sep: CineFist presents
Dir. by Tim Hyten (in attendance)
TRT 7 min.
Synopsis: In deep space with a crippled oxygen supply, a three person crew grapples with the notion that life support will only allow two to survive the trip to a neighboring freighter.


About One Hundred Mornings:
(85 mins, Ireland, written and directed by Conor Horgan)
Awards include: Slamdance Special Mention, IFTA for Best Cinematography
Synopsis: Set in a world upended by a complete breakdown of society, two couples hide out in a lakeside cabin hoping to survive the crisis. As resources run low and external threats increase, each of them faces a critical decision they never thought they’d have to make.


About The Workbook Project Discovery and Distribution Award:

The WorkBook Project Discovery and Distribution Award is part of an expanded WBP initiative to provide tangible options for those working in film, music, games, design and software to fund, create, distribute and sustain. The award opens new channels and modes of distribution currently unavailable in the traditional system and established festival circuit. Pooling distribution channels, making them accessible, and spotlighting a featured filmmaker with theatrical run and packaged PR through secured resources, the WBP Award displaces a limited bottleneck system with an open-source, sustainability model. In addition to the winner, The WBP awarded another 20 selected filmmakers with an exclusive digital distribution access package provided by WBP Award partner IndieFlix that will place them on Hulu, iTunes, Netfilx, and variety of other outlets.


DIY Film Screenings: Organizations & Curators

Barring an acquisitions deal – rare, especially for low-budget independent films – many people had little idea how to get their film seen theatrically. This issue of distribution we think is easily resolved by taking control of your theatrical release, yourself. How, you ask? It can be done – simply – by contacting small film organizations or theaters and asking to have your film screened. Sometimes you can even arrange a revenue split at the box office- like we do for Cinema Speakeasy.

We’ve compiled a quick list of groups worldwide that curate and/or host ongoing four-wall independent film screenings, above and beyond Cinema Speakeasy:

Europe: England

Europe: Germany

United States: West

United States: Midwest & South

United States: Northeast

Worldwide: Other

There are so many more– will keep adding them as they come up, or throw them in the comments as a suggestion.